Return To Work

The most triumphant stage in an injured employee’s recovery is the final one—the return to work. Through an innovative Return to Work Program,

Transitional Work Solutions (TWS) helps employees make a positive transition back to the workplace while helping employers reduce workers’ compensation costs and retain valued workers.

How It Works

The TWS Return to Work program matches injured workers with non-profit organizations in need of added resources.

We place employees in suitable, light-duty roles that entail tasks such as filing, greeting guests or data entry. In addition to supporting charitable organizations, the Return to Work program offers numerous benefits to both employees and employers.

Employee Benefits

For employees in the Return to Work program, their focus shifts from pain to recovery as they regain much-needed workplace confidence.

They are able to contribute valuable work to good causes while continuing to receive pay from their pre-injury employer.

Employer Benefits

As an employer in the Return to Work program, you are not only more likely to get skilled workers back on the job faster, but also are able to significantly reduce workers’ compensation costs.

By helping injured employees transition back to the workplace, you reduce the duration of benefits paid per worker and the numbers of days of productivity lost per claim.

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Our mission is to partner with our clients in order to achieve cost savings through the act of helping employees return to an active and fulfilling work environment.